Progress Update: The End is Near

This past week marked 6 months since I left the church in order to work full time on writing my dissertation. Many of you have asked how its going. I am grateful for your concern.  First, I want to say how good God has been to us.  He has provided for us in various ways that have enabled me to stay at this task.  He has allowed me to do side jobs, to be a guest speaker, and other opportunities that have allowed me to stay at this much longer than I had anticipated.  I honestly thought I would be done by now. But I am getting there. The End is Near.

I am super excited about what I have accomplished in these past six months.

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Methodology – What I am doing and why I am doing it.
  • Chapter 2 – Literature Review – What everyone has already said and where my study will expand the conversation
  • Chapter 3 – The Official Eschatology found in the Statement of Fundamental Truths and other statements
  • Chapter 4 – The Eschatology in the Doctrinal Books
  • Chapter 5 – The Eschatology in 100 years of articles in the Pentecostal Evangel
  • Chapter 6 – The Future of AG Eschatology (Writing now)

This final chapter  requires a different set of skills than I have been using in the previous chapters.  For most of these chapters I have been a historian.  In this chapter I return to my task as theologian to suggest what I think AG eschatology needs in order to continue to be relevant into the future.  I am really enjoying writing it.  In this chapter I am proposing a pneumatological (spirit-centered) way of imagining eschatological doctrine.  Basically, what I am proposing is that AG doctrine is best when it is Spirit-oriented doctrine.  Therefore, imagining the future with the aid of the Holy Spirit should be the goal (what I am calling the eschatological imagination).

So while there is work to be done, the end is near. Praise God for his faithfulness. I am excited to be bringing this journey to a close.  I anticipate that I could wrap the first draft of this chapter up this month.  Then I can hopefully revisit the other chapters in a final revision before my supervisors and I talk about submission.

As I come toward the end, I have two prayer requests.  First, pray that I can finish strong and that despite my fatigue I can write a meaningful final chapter that makes this study worth the effort.  In the end, if I don’t contribute to renewing a passion in AG ministers for the doctrine of the second coming, all this was in vain.  Second, I need God to reveal what I am to do when I am done.  God has helped me go this far.  But we are still waiting for an open door for me.  I am now officially an adjunct (part time) professor at ORU, but I am still awaiting an opportunity to have a full time job, whether at ORU or in Ministry. I know God has plans for me, I just don’t know what yet. Your prayers have helped me so far.  I know they will sustain me to the end.


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